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“Give a man a Fish, he feeds for the day. Teach a man to Fish, he feeds for a Lifetime.” At Eureka, we have re-engineered the fishing pole so that even PWDs can Fish.

Course Content:

Soft Skills Training & Call Handling Techniques
Part 1 – Call Centre Soft Skills Development & Call Handling Techniques
Part 2 – Introduction to PDPA, DNC Registry, CCAS Telemarketing Guidelines
Part 3 – DNC / Complaints Handling
Part 4 – Role play practice and assessment

System Usage Training
Part 1 – Assisted Technology User Package Selection and Customization
Part 2 – System Navigation
Part 3 – Hands on Training on System Usage
CRM Handling with A.T & 5 Day Work Exposure Assessment

Training Schedules:
20 Nov 2018 - 18 Feb 2019 (Register before 06 Nov 2018)
05 Mar 2019 - 30 May 2019 (Register before 19 Feb 2019)
02 Apr 2019 - 30 Jun 2019 (Register before 19 Mar 2019)

Mon - Fri; 10am - 5pm (360 hours)

Funding Available:
1. Skills Future Credit
2. Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

  • Course is only applicable to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents above 16 years of age.
  • Course fee funding is only available for persons with disabilities. (Persons with disabilities refer to those with autism spectrum disorder; intellectual disabilities; physical disabilities; hearing impairment; and visual impairment)
  • Trainees may receive a training allowance, subject to attendance and other terms and conditions.
Eureka conducts pre-intake assessment. For registration/enquiries, please call Charis at 6622-7888 or Steve at 6622-7797 or email Info@EurekaCCS.com